Climb aboard the magical Winter Holiday Train! Gather the family for some festive LEGO® building fun with this charming model featuring a full circle of track, boarding platform with bench and lamppost, a Power Functions upgradable train engine with brick-built smoke bellowing from its stack,...
Last Sunday, July 31, Seymour Papert passed away at the age of 88. Papert was the first LEGO Professor of Learning Research and inventor of LOGO, the first programming language for children. Seymour Papert worked closely with LEGO on the development of the first generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS, but...
2013 marks the 15th anniversary of the first LEGO® MINDSTORMS® set, the Robotics Invention System, which featured the RCX, one of the first programmable bricks marketed by LEGO and developed in collaboration with the MIT Media LAB. However, the evolution of LEGO robotics, which came to...
As you can see from the cover image, in this issue, we take the 42056 Porsche GT3 RS for a spin. This “Ultimate” Technic set has generated a lot of expectation, and wanted to tell you to what extent the hype is merited. You will also be able to read an article by the creator of a series...
HBM 025 English PDF English preview               En este número de HispaBrick Magazine...   5        Editorial   6        42056 LEGO® Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS   15  ...

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Welcome all to the website about HispaBrick Magazine®. Here you can find news and information related to this magazine, published in Spanish and in English, about the world of LEGO® bricks.

Forthose who do not know it yet, the magazine can be downloaded as a PDF file from the links provided under downloads. If you prefer, you can also get a printed version through bubok. You will only pay printing and shipping costs as this is a non-profit publication.

HispaBrick Magazine started in 2008 as an initiative of some Spanish AFOLs in order to preserve the best MOCs and articles that were published in their community for ‘posterity’. In addition to the warm welcome from Spanish speaking AFOLs, it soon became clear that there was much interest from people who did not read that language. The second edition of the magazine already contained a number of articles in both Spanish and English and as of issue 003, HispaBrick Magazine has been published in two editions of identical content, one in Spanish and one in English.

As the interest in the magazine has grown, so has the group of people who are directly involved in the project. What started out as a small local effort has transformed into a magazine with an international readership around which acommunity has grown.


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