LEGO magazine HBM 002

HBM002: LEGO® brick history

LEGO® brick history





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HBM002: Desmontados


By Arqu medes

HBM002: GBC: A community project

GBC: A community project



By Jetro

Photos and graphics by Jetro, Philo (Philippe Hurbain), Jero and car_mp


HBM002: Street furniture

Street furniture


By manatarms

HBM002: Editorial

Dear friends,


It has now been three months since the launch of the first issue of Hispabrick Magazine. We are very pleased with the welcome that the Magazine has taken in the Spanish Community, as well as the International.

We must recognize that we believed that it would be difficult to take forward a non-profit project, and that requires the disinterested collaboration of the members of the Community. But you have shown us that you believe in the project and that your willingness to provide content is full. We believe that this collaboration allows, in one hand, nurture the magazine with interesting content, which it is embodied in a friendly format. On the other hand, allows the author of each article, international recognition of his work.

You should have noticed that we mentioned a couple of times the word "international". The staff of Hispabrick Magazine, has received very good feedback from AFOLs from outside our borders, as well as requests by fans from other countries, for translations of some articles of the number 001.
Because of this interest we have decided to "internationalize" the magazine and we have begun to add four articles in English and Spanish.
We hope that with this decision, heightening the interest and collaborations, both domestically and internationally.

We hope you enjoy this second issue ... and be attentive to the number 003, which will coincide with the Hispabrick 2008, and in which there will be highlevel collaborations.

HBM002: Great creators of the world: Adrian Florea

Great creators of the world: Adrian Florea



By Hispabrick Magazine

Photos by Adrian Florea

Translate by car_mp and Jetro

HBM002: LEGO® Collector’s Guide

LEGO® Collectors Guide


By lluisgib

Photos by Fantasia Verlag

Translate by Lluis Gibert


Book: LEGO ® Collector's Guide

Publisher: Fantasia Verlag GmbH

Number of Pages: 800

Language: English / German

Synopsis: Collector’s catalogue with Sets launched into the market since 1958 until the first half of 2008, ordered by years. It also includes catalogue of key chains and all the service packs listed.

Price: € 22.90 (39.90 € Premium)