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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


New issue available: HBM026

Issue 026 of HispaBrick Magazine® — the free magazine made by and for fans of LEGO® constructions — is now available.

In this issue you will find a lot of the information we obtained from several LEGO departments thanks to the LEGO Fan Media Days, interviews to brick artists Sean Kenney and Chris McVeigh, author of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book.

In our TopMoc section we have a look at Steampunk constructions. You will also learn about the Polish RLUG Zbudujmy.to and we have a couple of articles on our presence at events like the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend.

Of course we have our usual tutorials on WeDo and MILS and we analyse some of the latest LEGO sets like the Caterham Seven 620R, the Yellow Submarine and the Winter Holiday Train.

The HispaBrick Magazine team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry holiday season and we hope you enjoy this issue


Link to download past issues of the magazine: past issues

HispaBrick Magazine proudly presents: issue 025

As you can see from the cover image, in this issue, we take the 42056 Porsche GT3 RS for a spin. This “Ultimate” Technic set has generated a lot of expectation, and wanted to tell you to what extent the hype is merited.

You will also be able to read an article by the creator of a series of Star Wars Maxifigs and, in line with the team, our take on the Battle of Hoth UCS. You can also read about our Star Wars layout (and other themed displays) at our event in Mungia.

In our TOPMOC section, we look at some inspiring sailboats. We also visited Nathan Sawaya’s exhibition “The Art of the Brick”.

Have you seen the updated WeDo 2.0 robotics set. HispaBrick Magazine takes a look at how it compares to its predecessor to show you what you can expect and whether or not you may want to update to the latest form factor.

Of course there are tons of other articles, including instructions for an additional WeDo 2.0 model, reviews of a number of iconic sets and of course the comic strip Desmontados.

We believe this edition was worth the wait and we look forward to hearing what you think of it.



Link to download past issues of the magazine: past issues


HispaBrick Magazine 024 available

hbm024Issue 024 of HispaBrick Magazine®, the magazine for fans of LEGO® constructions is now available. In this issue we have a look at the work The arvo Brothers have done, presenting their ALIEN project in book form, we interview Michał Kazmierczak (migalart) in our section Great Creators, designers like Lennart Cort and Kevin Hinkle Community Manager of LEGO® Community Engagement (LCE).

We also bring you a new instalment of Building trees, related to the MILS system and tutorials on MINDSTORMS and LEGO® WeDo.

We analyse a number of recent sets, including the Brick Bank, the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarter and Doctor Who as well as sets like the Heavy-Haul Train and the Imperial Star Destroyer

Don’t miss our articles on the HispaBrick Magazine Event 2015 and our presence at the first Skaerbaek Fan Weekend 2015 as well as our Pillars of the Community LUGNET and Hoth Bricks.

This and much more that we are sure you will like. We hope you enjoy this issue!


Link to download past issues of the magazine: past issues


HBM023 is available!


Summer is over for most of us and it is time to get back to our routines, and what better way to do so than with a new issue of HispaBrick Magazine®.

For us, this issue has been a new challenge after our friend Carlos left and we hope we have done a reasonable job taking over his responsibilities. Our annual event is also just round the corner, so stay suned to our website.

This issue is also a celebration. Panzerbricks celebrates its 7th anniversary, we have a closer look at SBrick, we interview the Australian LUG “MUGs”, Oton Ribic gives some sound advice for Trial Truck construction, Anika Vuurzoon / Anika Brandsma presents the new Elves theme in a very special fashion, and of course we have our usual tutorials, book and set and the Desmontados comic strip..

Once again, we thank all our collaborators and the HispaBrick Magazine Team for the efforts they are making in this new stage. Welcome back!

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HispaBrick Magazine 023 cover

HBM 023

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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


HispaBrick Magazine 022 is available

The latest edition of HispaBrick Magazine®, the magazine for fans of LEGO® constructions, is now available. In this issue you will find some extraordinary medieval constructions by Cesar Soares, the creative process of the science fiction genius Pierre-E. Fieschi or how to create the japanese dolls by Mike Dung, and you will learn a little more about Paul Vermeesch, another one of the Great Creators of the world.


Yun Mi Antorini offers us exclusive insight into the results of a study conducted by LEGO about the life of its fans. Marcos Bessa, senior LEGO designer, explains how a set is developed and we enter into the very heart of the LEGO House to learn more about the evolution of this project.

Our by now classical tutorials on MINDSTORMS y LEGO® WeDo are of course present. We analyse several of the latest novelties, like the Tie Fighter UCS, the Kwik-E-Mart and a complete analysis of the new Jurassic Park theme.

Our comic artist Arqu medes pays tribute to our editor in chief, Carlos Méndez, who, after 22 issues at the helm of the magazine, has decided to take a break and spend more time doing what he loves: building MOCs. The HispaBrick Magazine editorial staff can never thank Carlos enough for all these years of dedication to the magazine. We hope to live up to your expectations, starting with the next issue, which will come out in September.

Thank you Carlos!

You can download your free copy of this issue here: HBM022


English HispaBrick Magazine 022

HispaBrick Magazine 022 cover

HBM 022

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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


HispaBrick Magazine Event 2015



We are pleased to announce that the meeting of fans of LEGO constructions organized by HispaBrick Magazine at the Museu Nacional de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mNACTEC) will take place on 5-6th December 2015.

More information about this event will be available over the next few weeks, but don´t hesitate to contact us here

Merry Chirstmas

HispaBrick Magazine® staff wish you a nice Christmas time and a Happy New Year 2015!


HBM021 is available

The latest issue of HispaBrick Magazine is available! Good reading for this Christmas season …

In this issue, Julian Charity, Part Design CAE engineer, explains how  the new pieces used in LEGO sets are developed, and Keith David Severson will tell us something about his task in the CEE Team.

We will tell you the story of LEGO Therapy and their work to help children with autism spectrum disorders. Great creators like Jarek Książczyk (Jerac), Pawel "Sariel" Kmieć, Kosmas Santosa (KOS brick), Matthias Riedel (Blacktron2011), Oton Ribic, Paulo Castanho and Sebastian Zaberca (zaberca) show us their creations, in many different themes, from Star Wars(TM), to ALIENS, City, Technic and many more...

Our collaborators keep offering tutorials on MINDSTORMS and WeDO, MINILAND Character Builds and reviews of the latest sets and books related to LEGO constructions. We have coverage of the HispaBrick Magazine Event 2014, Brickcon 2014 and LEGO Fan Weekend 2014.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!



English HispaBrick Magazine 021

HispaBrick Magazine 019 cover

HBM 021

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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


HispaBrick Magazine 020 is out!!!

The latest issue of HispaBrick Magazine is available! So you have some light summer reading...

HispaBrick Magazine 020

In this issue, Keith David Severson, Senior Manager for the CEE Team explains the restructuring and the future of the new ambassador program. We will tell you about the new project if the CEE Team, The LEGO® Ecosystem, which Yun Mi Antorini has carried out.

We will tell you the story of Fairy Bricks and their work helping sick children in hospitals, and about SUR M´ALE GOBROS and their peculiar graphical creations. Great creators like Sariel, Evan Bordessa, Dviddy, Rhymes_Shelter, Arkov or Retinence show us their creations. Bright Bricks, famous for their replica of a Rolls Royce turbine tell us more about their company and show us some of their other creations.

Our collaborators keep offering tutorials on MINDSTORMS and WeDO, reviews of the latest sets and books, we cross the Atlantic to learn more about Chile LUG, MINILAND characters, an exhibition in Mungia, useful objects made with objects LEGO® and much more…

We take this opportunity to let you know we are preparing the celebration of our annual event, the HispaBrick Magazine Event 2014, which will take place on December 6 and 7, 2014 at the mNACTEC museum in Terrassa (Barcelona). In the coming weeks we will provide more detailed information regarding registration, dates and times on our website. You are invited invited to participate.





English HispaBrick Magazine 020

HispaBrick Magazine 019 cover

HBM 020

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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


HispaBrick Magazine 019 is now available


The issue 019 of HispaBrick Magazine® is now available for download . In this issue we take a journey through Japan and we will show you how they live the LEGO® hobby. We will tell you what has happened in the LEGOWORLD Copenhagen 2014 and in the Hispabrick Magazine® Event 2013.

We will show you a little more about great creators as Nathan Sawaya, Stephan Sander´s Brick Valley, Antti Hakala , the castles of Dr. Robert Carney , the "old " LEGO® Technic of Jennifer Clark and the Tiger 's Nest Monastery of Anuradha Pehrson .

We continue with our tutorials on MINILAND and Robotics with LEGO ® MINDSTORMS ® and LEGO WeDo.





We also have an interview with Elroy Davis, editor of RAILBRICKS , reference for all fans of LEGO trains .

And of course, we will show you the fabulous world of The LEGO Movie with an interview with Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design at The LEGO Group and Executive Producer and the fantastic models of Imagine Rigney .

Hope you enjoy it ... see you in the next issue!