Happy Halloween!!

From car_mp, Happy Halloween!!.

Halloween Minion


You can download the LDD file from here



HBM006: MiniMOCs Bass-Guitar

LEGO Bass guitar    Bass-Guitar


         By Steven Marshall









HBM006: Calypso



LEGO Calypso

If it just could float


Text and pictures by Henrik Hoexbroe


Happy Halloween

From the HispaBrick Magazine staff, Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween


You can download the LDD file from here

HBM005: Building trees (IV)

Building trees (IV)


Arbol LEGO

The construction process is the key to customizing our trees, because each tree is a unique construction that can take many forms.


Text and pictures by Legotron


HBM005: Building my own Millenium Falcon™


Building my own Millenium Falcon™

LEGO Star Wars

The fastest pile of junk in the Galaxy. Who wouldn't want one?


Tex by Joaquin 

Pictures by Joaquin and LEGO® Iberia S.A.


HBM005: Mini Imperial Star Destroyer

Mini-Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO Mini imperial destroyer

Terrorizing  the mini-galaxy since a long long time ago

By Legotron

HBM005: LEGO AT-AT™ minifig size

AT-ATminifig size



The gem of the Empire´s land force


Text and pictures by Sigpro


LDD file LEGO® Hello Kitty

Our member car_mp share the LDD file for its creation of LEGO® Hello Kitty.

LEGO Hello Kitty


Download it