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Review 75090: Ezra's Speeder Bike

Star Wars Rebels is a 3D animated TV serie which takes place between the “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” and “Episode IV: A new hope”. The cruisers of the “Ghost” fight against the Empire and they will become the seed of the Rebel Alliance.

Last year LEGO launched the “Ghost” and “The Phantom” sets as a start of this new subline of Star Wars. This year we have 5 new sets of Star Wars Rebels with new and unseen models.

One of them is the one I am going to analyze today: Ezra’s Speeder Bike.


LEGO® Star Wars The Dark Side

The human condition normally makes the people to be near of the “good guys”. But one of the many special features of the fan phenomenon of Star Wars is the Dark Side fans. With Darth Vader in front of this people, the fans of the Dark Side do a lot of tributes to the “bad guys” and their fights against the rebels.  Now the Dark Side fans of LEGO have their own Bible: LEGO Star Wars The Dark Side (Uncover the secrets of the Siths)

Review: 75014 Battle of Hoth

75014 is another Star Wars set that is centred on the famous battle on the frozen planet of Hoth. 367 pieces and 7 minifigs, which makes it a very attractive set. The first impression is: "Well, another Hoth set...” and it is really hard to get away from that first idea, because basically the set doesn't add anything to the existing sets. We already have two battlepacks with minifigs and the first base (7666), which includes a snowspeeder and an Imperiral Probe Droid that are practically identical to the ones in this new set, the second base (7879), the Echo Base with the Tauntaun and imperial snowspeeder and set 8089, the Wampa Cave with another similar snowspeeder.

Does that mean this set isn't worth buying? Absolutely not. Except in case you have the previous ones, it is a set that contains all the necessary elements for creating your own battle of Hoth layout. And if you have the previous sets... a larger layout.


But let's get started with the review. The box is medium sized and opens on one of the sides. It contains two instruction booklets, three numbered bags and a fourth bag just for the Tauntaun.



May the 4th (or before) be with you

This year the "May the 4th" promotion at LEGO Shop at Home consists in a brand new minifig as giveaway. It is a reproduction of Han Solo at Hoth. 

HispaBrick Magazine has the opportunity to show the minifigure some time before the official release date.

HBM005: The most wanted from LEGO® Star Wars™

The most wanted from LEGO® Star Wars

LEGO Halcon Milenario

By car_mp from the opinions gathered from the HispaLUG forum


HBM005: VII Collectors Fair at Mungia

VII Collectors Fair at Mungia

VII Feria de Coleccionismo de Mungia

LEGO® stand at VII Collectors Fair at Mungia, Vizcaya (Spain)


Text and images by Legotron


HBM005: 10th Anniversary of LEGO® Star Wars™

10th Anniversary of

LEGO® Star Wars™LEGO Star Wars


A fan's point of view


Text by Lumix and Spazski

Pictures by Lumix and LEGO® Iberia S.A.


LEGO Star Wars               

HBM005: Building my own Millenium Falcon™


Building my own Millenium Falcon™

LEGO Star Wars

The fastest pile of junk in the Galaxy. Who wouldn't want one?


Tex by Joaquin 

Pictures by Joaquin and LEGO® Iberia S.A.


HBM005: The Construction of the Imperial Hangar


The Construction of the Imperial Hangar

Hangar Imperial Star Wars

There is nothing so gratify for a LEGO® and Star Wars™ fan as the possibility or recreating some of the most famous scenes from the movie


Text by Legotron and pictures by Legotron & Roman Gibert

HBM005: Stupid Studs

Stupid Studs


"Directive 37 from the Code of Conduct of the Death Star™: Each Storm Trooper™ must look after his equipment and not borrow someone else´s one without his express consent"


By Vrykolakas & W3ird

HBM005: Mini Imperial Star Destroyer

Mini-Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO Mini imperial destroyer

Terrorizing  the mini-galaxy since a long long time ago

By Legotron

HBM005: LEGO AT-AT™ minifig size

AT-ATminifig size



The gem of the Empire´s land force


Text and pictures by Sigpro


HBM004: Hispabrick 2008



Hispabrick 2008



Text by Otum

Pictures by Román Gibert, Eduardo Fernández & car_mp

Artwork by