HBM006: Building trees (V)

LEGO treeA times, apart from having a beautiful or amazing design, a tree needs to follow certain size restrictions for allowing better transportation or for being able to store it away without taking much space.



Text and pictures by Legotron


HBM013: Modular Integrated Landscaping System (I)

MILSOne of the goals of the HispaBrick Magazine® community is to build large dioramas about different LEGO® themes. In order to be able to make those dioramas all together, in an organised way, we decided to establish a set of rules. Those rules are going to be described here and in the next issues of the HispaBrick Magazine.

By Legotron (A. Bellón)


HBM005: BlueBrick



An essential tool for your display


Text and pictures by Jetro


HBM005: An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ (II)

An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ (II)

LEGO Mindstorms


So I've got an NXT, but now...

Text and images by Koldo


HBM005: LDraw Tutorial (V)


LDraw Tutorial (V)



LSynth 3.0 y Lpub/LDview


Text and Images by Jetro


HBM005: Building trees (IV)

Building trees (IV)


Arbol LEGO

The construction process is the key to customizing our trees, because each tree is a unique construction that can take many forms.


Text and pictures by Legotron


HBM004: Building Trees (III)


Building Trees (III)

 Árboles LEGO


A single tree can represent a focal point in a diorama, therefore it should be appealing or spectacular to attract the viewer's attention.


Text & Picture by Legotron


HBM004: LDraw Tutorial (IV)


LDraw Tutorial (IV)


In this part of the LDraw tutorial you will discover an easy way to avoid mixing official and unofficial parts as well as learn the basics of the flexible part generator LSynth


Text and pictures by Jetro

HBM004: An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS


An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS




Robotics mixed with our beloved bricks, can you ask for more?


Text and pictures by Koldo

HBM003: Building trees (II)

Building trees (II)

Every construction that includes vegetation must count on good trees that emphasise the set


By Legotron

Text & Images by Legotron


HBM003: LDraw Tutorial (III)

LDraw Tutorial (III)

If you lose time looking for the pieces that you need, this issue will be very useful to you


Text by Jetro

Images by Jetro and Philo

HBM002: GBC: A community project

GBC: A community project



By Jetro

Photos and graphics by Jetro, Philo (Philippe Hurbain), Jero and car_mp